Denver Extras

Welcome to the DenverExtras Website

Here' you'll find the posting for upcoming extra's casting calls.  Please check back often. 

Once there is need, we'll post the information about it here on the front page, and send out an email to those who've signed up electronically.  

There will also be instructions about any open calls, or how to contact us to let us know you are available.

Please do not call.  Following instructions is paramount to our business.  We set up procedures that allow us to facilitate production and get people booked in this fast moving industry.  We need to spend our time booking and assisting production, and taking curiousity calls takes away from the time we need to do our jobs.  We appreciate your consideration of this matter.

Be sure to look through the frequently asked questions link and familiarize yourself with what's involved with working as an extra on a film shoot!

Please follow the "sign up" links and fill out all of the information to be considered for upcoming projects.

Also, this site is being beta tested.  If  you have problems with the sign up, please send  us an email about the issue.  We are not offering phone support.

Thank You

The Staff at DenverExtras.