Denver Extras

Frequently Asked Questions About Working as an Extra

Please take a look through some of the questions we get asked frequently. (work in progress)



Is DenverExtras or Farrell Talent Management the employer?



NO we are working for different production companies and are not the employer of record. Through the DenverExtras website, and open calls, and rosters of those who have been scheduled before, we organize the extras that production companies will hire.


What is the "call time"?


The call time is the time that you have been checked in on set and are starting work.  YOU must be checked in by call time, that means you need to get to set early enough to check in and be sure you've had a meal.



How long do we work?



Shooting typically is done in a 10 hour day, some longer.  However, things happen that slow down production, which is why you need to be available for the entire day or night.   We typically know when we are starting, but never know when we will be done (wrapped).  When we are calling you, please don't ask "how long will it take?" We assume that you know that if we're calling to put you on hold or book you that you understand you must be available for the full day.



What are provisions?



Provisions are, snacks, water, coffee, sunscreen, aspirin etc.  The production companies generally feed the extras lunch or the appropriate meal, however, do not provide the extras with the same snacks, "muchies" between meals.


Once I'm signed up how do I get my login information?




You will get login information that you signed up with via your email.  NOTE- this allows you to update your profile only. Once you are booked,  you will receive on your booking phone call, a separate username and password to login in with to access the information you need.   Those tabs will be at the top menu titled Xfiles and Tipsheet and will only be available when you've logged in with the booking login information.  Your personal log in however will still work, and we recommend that you keep your profile current.


When will you call me?



We don't know when the next project is coming in.  So we can't answer that question. When we get an official go ahead to coordinate extras, we start searching the rosters for those who fit the criteria set forth by the production company.  We put out calls to check availability and to hold possible shoot dates, then once we have those dates "confirmed by the producers" , we call to confirm that you've seen the information you need and are ready to go.  It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE  that you must return calls promptly or answer your phone if you've called back in response to one of our calls.  We cannot afford to play phone tag.


Is it okay to just call and check in about upcoming work?

Imagine for a moment if you had hundreds of people calling you every day, would you get anything done?  Neither can we if we are constantly getting calls.  The problem is that there are too many and only one of us. Please send an email now and then about your availability or make a comment in your profile.  It's not that we don't like you, it's that we just don't have time to talk with everyone. Please respect this, and remember, if you are ever leaving a message, don't press 1 for the same reason.  We will post updates about future work on the front page of the website as well as via your email.  If you are available and would like to be considered, drop an email to the denverextras address from your automated email.


You called, but when I called back there was only a voice mail?


If we get your voice mail when we call, we will give you instructions that may include calling back a phone number.  If you get this, do not press 1, it is a voice mail box only.  We manage callbacks from that voice mail box.  Be sure to leave your message with your name, a check in number if you were given it, and the phone number where we can actually speak to you.  You must answer that number, if we are unable to speak with you, you'll probably be replaced.



I called back a day later and you had given away my spot, why?



This industry moves very fast. In other words, if you snooze, you lose.  If you've received a call from us, you must call us back or contact us via information we provided on your message PROMPTLY.  This means within several hours, not a day or two.


What is a confirmation call?



Once we have "call time" (official start times from the production company) , we need to contact everyone and confirm that they know what to bring, where to go, and what time to be there.  If we cannot contact you, we must replace you.  So continue to check the website for updates and be available to return our calls.



What time to you call to hold or confirm?



Our job is to facilitate production needs.  We could call you at any time.  It really depends on when we get the information and what is going on.  We do not create the schedule.


Why do you call so late?



Things change.  Thjere have been cases where there are last minute changes due to weather, an actor got delayed, a location problem etc,  and we've been calling people up to midnight.

Please do not get angry with those who are calling you at late hours, if you've signed up, we expect that you'll know that its possible


Why do you need to speak with me?



It is our job to insure the production company that all players have been given call times and are confirmed.  It is standard industry practice, and has been proven that the electronic confirmations are too risky.



What should I know?  Be sure to listen when we call REMEMBER THE CHECK IN NUMBER YOU ARE GIVEN, get to the website, don't forget your check in number, call back only the 571 number.  Also, review the tip sheet you were given at the open call or view it online after you've recieved your booking log in information.


Why didn't you call me?


It's probably because you didn't fit the part,  you may not have returned a call from before or we just didn't get you out of the piles of our sheets.


How will we know if there's a job?


Check the site, if you're registered, and profile is current, you'll get an email  notice about upcoming needs.  The database gets purged, so always be sure to check the site.


How and when do we get paid and how much is it?



Payment terms are determined by the production company and vary job to job.


What should I do if you've called me?


-- pay attention, you may be asked to call back, or get to the website, log in then call back.


What about last minute changes, you'll call us right?

NO-- you need to check the website before you go to bed and before you leave, do not count on an email notice etc etc.  Small staff and large numbers make quick changes impossible.  After you are confirmed, continue to check the site for notices


Why do we need a separate log in after we are booked?


For your safety and to ease confusion.  Most sets are closed, meaning not open to the general public and we do not want to announce where the shooting locations are.  We expect you to keep this information to yourself as well.


What is an open call- will I have to attend?



An open call will be conducted when we have a large project and need to gather more willing people to work on a movie or large commercial.  Those projects require more man days, variety and people who can make their schedules work.   Yes in some cases if you have not worked with us before, you may be required to attend.  Job specific informaiton is covered at these and it gives the casting director a chance to see you in person to be considered for certain needs of the picture.

Here we get everyone signed up ( you will however need to get online and create your profile)


What if I don't have a computer or know how to use it...


hmmm-- well you're probably not reading this , those cases we handle on an idividual basis, you might want to make note of your nearest library for this.