Denver Extras

Sign up for Extra Work

Right now we are accepting registration for extra work. However, if a large film comes to town, you may need to attend the "open call" to register.


If you are interested in being and extra on future projects and HAVE NOT WORKED WITH US BEFORE, You will need to fill out this form and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a current picture or mail to the address on the page, or better yet, mail it to the address shown on the information sheet.


If you're registering or submitting information sheets for your children, please be aware that to book children as extras, the parents or guardians must be willing to work as an extra as well with them. Be sure to include an information for each member you are submitting.


Be sure to put NEW EXTRA in the subject line. We need complete information about you to make casting decisions, incomplete information sheets do not help us so, those will be disregarded


You also may need to attend one of the open call or orientation sessions prior to being considered for certain projects. Once again, DO NOT CALL us unless you've received a phone call from us first. We need to keep that line open for coordinating.

Thank you.


NOTE- if you have been booked and can't find the pages you need , you probably logged in with your personal log in. 

To get to the information, you must first log out and then log in again with the login information we gave you when we booked you! The login info we give you when we book you is the only way to see the information we're posting for you.

Your personal log in is to update your profile only.