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Things you should know about working as an extra

Thank you for taking the time.  If you're wanting to be considered to be an extra for commercials, music videos and other motion picture work, read this and be sure to read through the FAQ section.

You'll notice we haven't posted a phone number anywhere, this is for a good reason.  Due to the nature and size of the crowds, we'd have to have a full size call center to handle questions.  We will give you a phone number to contact us once we've called and attempt to put you on hold.

Film production is quite intensive, expensive and requires precise and efficient coordination of hundreds of people. No horsing around.  Here's a few basics to understand , before signing up.  If it doesn't work for you, it's probably best that you don't sign up.

First here's a few items to review:

  • The filming company sets the criteria for what type of crowd they are looking for, we need to stick to those criteria.
  • We usually don't  know what time we're going to start until the night before or more importantly what time we'll be done.  Anyone who wants to be considered or that accepts a booking, must be available for the entire day. When we do call to book, please understand, we do not know what time we start or when we'll be done at that point, it will save a lot of time if you don't ask.  We don't get the start times until the production staff gives us "call times" the night before.  They must consider weather, their production schedule and any last minute issues before firming up the "call".
  • There is a system we use for coordinating extras and we expect all that work with us to follow the system.  When someone chooses to ignore the rules, they slow it down for everyone and cost themselves positions on future jobs
  • To keep the workflow moving, only call if you've received a call from us, and only the voice mail box you need to call back to.  It is important that you are able to answer your phone.  To confirm bookings we must actually speak with you.
  • Being late isn't part of the deal and once you've committed, we expect you to stick to that commitment.  So you need to be clear for the whole day, and hold it open.  There is no time to replace people at the last minute.
  • You must be able to respond to calls or emails from the coordinating staff promptly, and do not lollygag around, it wastes everyone's time
  • We are not the employer, we coordinate the booking of extras for the film or production company that is doing the job.  The bookings can range from a day to several days in a row.
  • Filiming happens on all days and at all hours during the week.

Extra's are an integral part of film making and you're sure to have fun if you pay attention to our tips and the information you're given when you're booked.

Please take the time to sign up if you'd like to be considered for future work.   All of the information is necessary for us to search for and place people according to the producers needs.




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